Our Team

AAF has a competent and committed team of trustees, staff and volunteers who are knowledgeable on the various issues and difficulties faced by the people we serve.  This includes expertise in language, faith, cultural and social issues.

​Our Staff:

Agnes Baziwe

Chief Executive

Claire McAlpine

Project Officer

Husseina Hamza

Project Worker

Angela Nzira

Lead Volunteer

Elias Phiri

Fast Track Cities Programme Manager

James Masangomai

HPE Project Officer

Mariama Kabba

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VAWG Project Officer

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Juddy Otti

PrEP Project Coordinator

Hawa Sesay

FGM Advocacy Officer

Denis Onyango

Programmes Director

Damiles Morgan

Project Worker

Milton Sawyerr


Charles Oluka

HPE Volunteer

Rona Sessanga

Comms Officer

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Our activities are supported by a team of over 40 volunteers annually.


If you or somebody you know needs our support, please contact us : info@africadvocacy.org or call 0208 698 4473.

Africa Advocacy Foudation