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Africa Advocacy Foundation, Our Team

AAF has a competent and committed team of trustees, staff and volunteers who are knowledgeable on the various issues and difficulties faced by the people we serve. This includes expertise in language, faith, cultural and social issues. Our activities are supported by a team of over 40 volunteers annually. 

"AAF has a diverse, competent and committed team of trustees that bring a range of skills and experiences. Their vision and leadership has enabled AAF to provide 25 years of uninterrupted service and to adapt to current and future challenges."

Agnes Baziwe   |   Chief Executive

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Agnes Baziwe: Chief Executive

Juddy Otti: Head of HIV Services

Sherenne Collins: Domestic Abuse Advisor

Aisha Morgan: Uzima Youth Worker

Megan Murray: Career Mentor/Job Coach

Harriette Douglas:  Social Media Volunteer

Joy Clarke:  Trainer - VAWG/Safeguarding

Christabel Yeboah: Uzima Project Manager

Anne Flaherty-Gupta: Training Coordinator/HR

Hawa Sesay: FGM Advocate

Angela Nzira: Lead Volunteer

Beatrice Atieno: Project Manager

Damiles Morgan: Project Worker

Daiiana Gadeeva: M-Care Volunteer

Mariama Kabba:  Project Worker

Milton Sawyerr: Accountant

James Masangomai: FTC Volunteer

Charles Oluka: HPE Project Sessional Worker

Rona Sessanga: Comms Volunteer

David  Kalab: IT Worker

Denis Onyango: Programmes Director

Annette Namirembe: Youth Volunteer

Joseph Ochieng: Faith Communities Volunteer 

Belynda Mabirizi:  Fast Track Cities Volunteer

Rachel Musomba: FTC Faith Project Worker

Juliette Emmanuel: Mi-Health Volunteer

Anna Birnkammer: Mi-Health Volunteer

Mary Nafungo:  VAWG Volunteer

Africa Advocacy Foundation, Our Team

"We are extremely grateful for the grants and donations by current and previous funders, partners, donors without which we would not be able to deliver much needed and essential support to our service users. 

Sukainah Jauhar   |   Chair, Board of Trustees

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