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Hidden Voices project provides culturally, language and faith appropriate support services to empower and improve the safety, health and wellbeing of black African migrant women and girls in London who are undocumented, on spousal visas and/or have no recourse to public funds (NRPF) and are at risk or experiencing domestic violence and abuse.


We support women and girls in the community who are experiencing domestic and/or sexual abuse.


We offer: 

  • Emotional & practical support 

  • Advice Confidential & non-judgmental client centered support


For more information


Call: 07888 618958 or 0208 698 4473 Or email:

AAF Domestic Abuse Play is now live on YouTube and will be shared to other platforms in the coming days. Our play is based on true life experiences and is led by Sherenne Collins and voiced by AAF staff and volunteers.

We apologise as this video doesn’t have captions and knowing the importance of accessibility we will work on creating captions for all projects moving forward. Please give it a listen and share with your contacts

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