We empower individuals to take control of their health and wellbeing through accurate information, advice and guidance. We provide safe, judgment-free and inclusive platforms for community members to discuss and engage in activities that promote healthy lifestyle choices. 





AAF is a Local Activation Partner of the HIV Prevention England's (HPE) national "It Starts With Me Campaign"   We deliver community engagement outreach information, sessions distribute free condoms and carry out rapid HIV testing within the community . The rapid HIV testing service is confidential and delivered in partnership with  Lewisham NHS Trust. 

Our weekly Peer Support Group is a friendly and vibrant group for people living with HIV.  Participants have the opportunity to engage in open and frank discussions about the everyday practicalities of living with the condition; to share experiences and advice; and to help each other to develop coping strategies for living well with HIV while enjoying a happy and fulfilling life. 

AAF works  to prevent violence against women and girls . We campaign against FGM and other harmful cultural practices. We run support activities

for survivors of FGM, offering specialist one-one counselling and peer support group sessions. We train FGM community champions and frontline professionals to competently handle FGM issues and to effectively engage with affected communities.

Youth4Life is a platform for young people to address a range of issues relevant to young people including sexual and reproductive health and rights, mental health, mentorship , volunteering, careers, advocacy and independent living skills  etc.

We run training programmes and a platform for young to express themselves and  and to enhance social  and professional networks.


Finding new ways to serve our communities

AAF is striving for new and creative ways to reduce health inequalities and promote health and wellbeing for the communities we work with.  We are passionate about new healthcare technologies, latest biomedical interventions, health services re-design and capacity building communities to be active partners in health.





PrEP & Prejudice Campaign is designed to influence how the diverse Black African communities engage in HIV prevention, specifically with the use of PrEP as an HIV Prevention tool. The project will aim to increase PrEP awareness and uptake amongst heterosexuals and MSM BAMEs in England. The programme is delivered in collaboration with other HIV organisations and commissioned Sexual & Reproductive Health (SRH) services in various localities in England. The project funded by Public Health England Innovation Fund 2018-19.

AAF is part of  The Nobody Left Outside (NLO) Platform with a group of organisations represent-ing the interest of some of Europe’s most underserved communities with respect to healthcare access such as migrants, sex workers, the homeless, people who inject drugs (PWID), prisoners, or LGTBI people, are amongst the least likely to receive it.  We are working on innovative policy responses and supporting a rethink of health service design, informed by the groups affected, to address these inherent inequities.   

The M-Care 2019 training programme is organised as a collaborative effort by the Africa Advocacy Foundation (AAF) and the European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG). The goal of the training is to enhance the capacity of migrant communities in Europe to participate fully in healthcare policy and practise at all levels and to increase opportunities for migrants to engage in care. M-Care empowers advocates and treatment activists working with migrants with the skills and tools necessary to foster greater involvement of their communities in the provision of healthcare services. 

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Digital health has the potential to revolutionise access to health for underserved communities  and provide patient-centred solutions 

Africa Advocacy Foundation is working with a digital tech companies, teams of clinicians, patients and a range of specialist stakeholders to create innovative and user friendly health literacy platforms that have the ability to enhance the knowledge, skills, awareness of our diverse range of beneficiaries so that they can effectively manage their health. We prioritise digital health  solutions for those living with long term conditions.

A selection of pictures from the recent Sexual and Reproductive Health Stakeholder Meeting organised by Africa Advocacy Foundation in partnership with Kisumu County Government, Kenya 

Female Genital Mutations

"With the dignity, health and well-being of millions of girls at stake, there is no time to waste. Together, we can and must end this harmful practice."

UN Secretary-General António Guterres

Africa Advocacy Foundation (AAF) is a charity founded in 1996. We are a community-led organisation working to promote better access to health, education and other opportunities for disadvantaged communities in the UK, Europe and parts of Africa.

We provide practical support, policy work, advocacy, information, guidance and training to professionals and community members alike. We work to empower individuals and families experiencing multiple disadvantages and barriers including ill health, poverty, deprivation, violence, isolation and those relating to language, culture, faith and other social issues.


Africa Advocacy Foudation