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At Africa Advocacy Foundation, we empower individuals to take control of their health and wellbeing through accurate information, advice, and guidance. We provide safe, judgment-free, and inclusive platforms for community members to discuss and engage in activities that promote healthy lifestyle choices.



The Global Majority Fund

Africa Advocacy Foundation is delighted to become an intermediary technical partner of Comic Relief to deliver the Global Majority Fund alongside 10 other specialist charities in the UK.

Our Community React Fund is NOW CLOSED for Applications. 

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AAF is striving for new and creative ways to reduce health inequalities and to promote health and wellbeing for our communities. We are passionate about new healthcare technologies, the latest biomedical interventions, health services re-design, and empowering communities to be active partners in health.

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Our physical and emotional health is linked to the strength of our community. The Africa Advocacy Foundation represents a community that, like any other, is stronger, together. The more we communicate, the more we share our wisdom, thoughts and ideas- the stronger our community gets.