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Young/Old BBQ

On Saturday 26th May, Youth4Life members attended AAF's Summer Barbecue of which turned out to be quite the party! The food was remarkable and the music bridged the gap between the young and the old.

This day allowed us to come into contact with many people that attend AAF on a regular basis and allowed us to communicate with those who are considerably older than us. This allowed the exchange of personal experiences otherwise inaccesible to most.  Often, we forget that there are other people that work and live outside secondary school, university and our youthful social groups. We forget that friendship is not subjected to age, and although the age gaps are perceived as too large, they may have spirits younger than us all! 

So, given the awkward social interactions that lay before us, we huddled (as young people do) in the corner of the event, laughing about things that seemed entirely unrelated. We remained on our phones and tried our hardest to not giggle at some of the music for the entirety of the BBQ. Although these actions seem  hugely stereotypical of a youth communion, we were still left disappointed that we were not even more inclusive with our elder counterparts than we achieved later on in the day, and this taught us one simple lesson:

Enjoy each moment whilst it happens.

This may seem simplistic and quite obvious in theory but in practice, its fairly difficult to maintain the focus needed in order to achieve interaction and enjoyment at social events without leaving unsatisfied. So what can we do to improve this?

The answer is...

I don't know.

But I do know this:

It is better to regret doing something, than to regret not doing anything at all.

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