Mental Health and FGM Project

We reach out to young women and girl survivors of FGM who are experiencing physical and emotional health effects associated with the practice of FGM. We provide specialist one-one and group mental health therapy sessions in a safe and friendly environment facilitated by specialist counsellors with the relevant cultural expertise as well as working with women affected by FGM. We also run peer support groups as well as arts sessions including drama, poetry, music and dance. We provide FGM training to equip our beneficiaries and volunteers as champions to lead our community engagement, awareness, advocacy and peer mentorship sessions.


We welcome young women and girls from all backgrounds who are interested in joining the programme as beneficiaries and or community champions. Please feel free to contact us you need to speak to someone in confidence about FGM.



If you would like more information, please contact FGM Programmes Manager: shani@africadvocacy or call 0208 6984473.


Mental Health and FGM Project funded by City Bridge Trust and Lambeth Council.


The Girl In A Mask

Did you enjoy watching me in pain?

Was it fun to watch?

Every day of my life is tormented by nightmares

Nightmares that are my reality.

Countless tears had fallen, and many sleepless nights had passed

When emotional pain seems to obtain its gain

All I can feel is the hurt in my soul

I smile and laugh but I know it’s all for a Show

Pain takes over inside

Fills my body the agony I just can’t hide

Pain, so hard to defend, I can’t escape

But I am begging for it to end

I wish I could tell you about the depth of my pain

It’s almost never ending and hard to explain

I wish I could tell you how broken I feel inside

My body hurts so much but it’s easy to hide

So did you? Did you enjoy watching me in pain?

                        Poem by Young AAF FGM Champion


Africa Advocacy Foudation